AspectJ 1.8.8 released (and third 1.9.0 beta available)

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AspectJ 1.8.8 released (and third 1.9.0 beta available)

Andy Clement
I'm pleased to announce AspectJ 1.8.8 is out, it is already in maven central.

This is a primarily a bug fix release but importantly includes some fixes so that around advice works correctly when applied to default methods (which were new in Java 8).  There are also some enhancements to better handle weaving into Android related code. The new option -Xset:generateNewLocalVariableTables=false discussed in can be used to tell AspectJ to cope better with the unusual local variable tables that may be encountered. If you see local variable issues when running the Android Dexer, try it out.

AspectJ 1.8.8 is available from the download page:

Alongside this the new beta 3 of AspectJ 1.9 is available. These betas are early access versions of AspectJ 1.9 that work with 1.9 JDKs. In 1.9 there are important changes to the packaging of system classes and AspectJ 1.9 recognizes this new packaging scheme. Note: These betas are slow for compilation/weaving because the caching system for classes loaded from the new packaging scheme is not in place but they do build and weave code successfully.

You can grab AspectJ 1.9 BETA 3 here: 

Or via maven from the spring maven repo: as version 1.9.0.BETA-3

Please enjoy both releases!

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