Are Tools which Locate Bug Inducing Changes Automatically Useful?

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Are Tools which Locate Bug Inducing Changes Automatically Useful?

Ming Wen
Dear Developers:

Sorry for the bothering at the first place.

I am currently designing a tool which targets at locating the introducing revisions for reported bugs (the revision that triggers the bug or regression) . However, I am wondering if such a tool can help you debugging or fix the bug in practice. Therefore your feedback is essential to me :-)

From some developers' feedback, I got the following potential benefits that bug introducing revisions can provide if they are obtained:

1). Assign the committer of the bug introducing revision as the responsible developer for the bug since he is familiar with the buggy code.

2). Back out the revision in order to debugging the bug

3). The bug introducing revision can provide some contextual information for fixing the bug.

Do you agree with these benefits? or you think there are other benefits?

Thanks very much for reading this email!!
I will be much appreciated if you can give me some feedback :-)

Thanks again!!

Best Wishes

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